Twenty14 Milan / Pananti Atelier
Abglanz, February-March 2021

Abglanz, which in German means reflection, is a series of collages in which hundreds of fragments taken from various photographs are assembled into new images, as if they were pieces of different puzzles mixed and matched in a single tableau. It is a body of works that deals with the digital world for the form but recall to the painting tradition for the practice. Through these compositions Alina Frieske pulls the strings of our perception on several levels, the viewer remains so uncertain about what is in front of him, is it a photograph or a painting?

The subjects portrayed are mainly domestic and in a certain way really familiar, maybe because these artworks are based on everyday smartphone photos from the endless pool of the web. Put together, the images camouflage themselves in their mutual imitation. Which contours remain recognisable and what blurs in the crowd? Alina Frieske's work explores the dynamics between the individual and the mass, between figurative elements and illusion.

photo credit: Twenty14 / Pananti Atelier